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Coolers, Containers, Kwik Covers, Table Linens

Metal Beverage Container

100-gallon beverage cooler.  Fill with your favorite beverages and ice. Easy drain spout.


Champagne Fountain

Fill with your favorite champagne or punch to serve your guests.


*Must be cleaned and drained prior to return. Cleaning must happen immediately after use to avoid clogging.

Igloo Beverage Dispenser

5 gallon beverage dispenser.  Fill with your favorite beverage.


Beverage Dispenser - 3 gallons

Keeps the ice stored in a separate container to prevent beverage from watering down.  Also contains a diffuser, pour spout and stand.


Ice / Chill Table - 4 foot

Keeps your food and beverages cold. Quick drain as ice slowly melts


                          Food or beverage can be placed in the chill table.

Keg Cooler

Holds an 8-gallon or 16-gallon keg.


Kwik Covers

White plastic table cover with specially-designed elastic edging that holds the table cover in place, even in the wind. 


60" Round Cover - $5.55

6' Banquet Cover - $5.15

8' Banquet Cover - $5.25

High Top Table Cover - $5.00

*Additional colors available with a .25 additional charge.  Please allow a 

2-week notice for special orders.

Linen Table Cloths

White polyester table cloths, heavier fabric to prevent sliding around.

60" Round Cloth - $9.00

8' Banquet Cloth - $8.50

*Other colors can be ordered with at least a 2 week notice.  Additional cost may apply.

White Linen Table Skirts

White polyester table skirt used to dress up any event.  

17" White Table Skirt - $21.00

(covering 3 sides) 

21" White Table Skirting - $24.00

(covering 4 sides)

*Other colors can be ordered with at least a 2 week notice.  Additional cost may apply.

Globe String Set of 8
This white globe string light set adds glamour and style to your outdoor event. Globe light strings have 30 feet of outdoor cord and plug.


Chafing Dishes - 8 Quart

Perfect for banquets, buffets, catered events, and more, a chafing dish is made to hold food at the ideal safe temperature without the use of electricity.


*require Sterno fuel to heat.

Sterno Fuel

Fuel used to provide the temperature needed to heat the chafing dishes. Provides 6 hours of fuel. Chafing dishes require 2 sternos per chafing dish.

$3.00 each

party rental supply